Hands are the most exposed part of your body to germs. GoSan Hand Sanitizer is the perfect waterless alternative to help keep hands clean all the times.
Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer

At GoSan, our mission is to inspire healthy and hygienic living with convenience provided by us.

GoSan’s unique formula, revolutionizes personal hygenie by making it simple and highly effective. GoSan products are paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan. Your health and wellbeing is our primary priority.

We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and consistency, which is why we handcraft our products in small batches. We are passionate about helping people live a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, free from germs and unwanted illness. Speak to us to see how we can help you achieve that.


To begin an evolution in hygiene by offering simple yet highly effective products.


To promote good health and hygiene all over the world.


Commitment and trust. Quality, consistency and delivery schedule adherence. Innovation through research.

Vikas Chhabria

Directors and Marketing

Vikas Chhabria an MBA with 17 years of experience in marketing various products ranging from a one rupee product to a product worth millions.

He likes looking at things from a multiple angles and comes up with ideas that are out of the box.

Vishal Chhabria

Manages production, Quality Control and Compliance

He has experience of 10 years in production and product research. His expertise integrating technologies from various industries to create innovative mechanism for GoSan.

He loves travelling and formulating different products.

Utsavi Parekh

Responsible to make the Road Map for future plan and current operations.

Utsavi Parekh, has completed Masters in Luxury Management of Goods and Services from Politecnico di Milano, Milan. Achieved BBA (Hons.) From Kingston University, London. Experienced from the Real Estate market in Mumbai. And has also gained major exposure of the consumer market from Britian and Europe.

Attending countless seminars and being a mentee to great start-ups.


We know that when it comes to sanitizers, people are divided into two camps, one that carry a little bottle in their bags all the time, and the other who associate the use of sanitizers with only doctors, nurses and health professionals. Our mission at GoSan is to bring people from both the camps into the fold and inspire them to keep their hygiene up no matter what.

Our job at GoSan is to make sure that you stay as healthy as possible and without having to make big life changes. So we bring to you a hand-made hand sanitizer, also available in a Ayurvedic formula, that ensures complete water-less hand hygiene instantly.

A favorite recommendation among many, we package our Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizers smartly so that both carrying and using them are easy and 100% recyclable. Easy-tear Hand Sanitizer Sachet enable them to be used anywhere at minimum contact. Just tear open a GoSan along the dotted lines and pour out the measured dose on your hand. Rub the ayurvedic sanitizer all over your hands and your hands are clean in less than 20 seconds.

At GoSan, we believe in strict quality-control. So we make our batches pass through severe quality conditioning to make sure that they are of the optimum potency so that you have a great product.

Being one of the best hand sanitizer brand in India, we are big believers of quality products. That’s why we also created an Ayurvedic formula with herbal ingredients. That’s how we are able to make available to you a product that sanitizes, evaporates and hydrates, and keep your hands clean and soft. Our products have soft natural smell and are perfectly pet friendly. Our hand sanitizers are very affordable too.