Why GoSan Hand Sanitizer Sachet?

Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer Sachet

Among the leading brands of hand sanitizers in the Indian market, GoSan is one. Very well received by the domestic crowd, GoSan is an Ayurvedic hand sanitizing product. Completely waterless, it is one of the safest hand sanitizers out there in the stores right now. The product, unlike other hand sanitizers come in small easy-tear pouches. Offering 99.9% protection against germs, GoSan is one of the best selling disinfectant products in India right now. So, if you are looking for a product that will ensure clean hands at all times, here is an option worth giving a try.

Let’s take a look at what makes GoSan such an easy choice for millions of Indians.

Offers Broad-Spectrum Protection

GoSan Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer offers a broad-spectrum protection of germs and bacteria. A gel-based anti-acterial hand sanitizer it kills germs and microbes and leaves hands clean and fresh-smelling. With high concentration of alcohol, this product shields against microbes of a wide variety. By killing off germs, it prevents the spread of infection and diseases.

Fast Working

GoSan is a fast working hand sanitizer. Unlike the sticky kinds that take a good full minute to start working, GoSan works within 15 seconds of application. So, if you take 15 seconds to rub it on your hands, you will require no wait time to let it start working. The product starts working instantly.

Quick Dry

GoSan Ayurvedic hand sanitizer is a non-stick formula. No need to keep rubbing hands for minutes to get the gel absorbed or to wait after application. The product gets absorbed in the skin almost instantly. By the time you would have covered surfaces and crannies of your hands, it would be dried and absorbed. The quick-dry feature makes it easy to use when on the go.

Easy to Carry Packaging

GoSan hand sanitizer sachet come in easy-to-use packaging. Small, and thin, they can be tucked in pockets of pants and purses easily. Also, they are single use. So, you can use a full sachet at a time. Just tear open the sachet and spill out the gel on your hand. Discard the packet in a nearby bin and rub it all over your hands covering all surfaces, including between finger and under nails.

Pet Friendly

GoSan is a pet-friendly hand sanitizer. This means it can be safely used around pets. Being Ayurvedic, it contains no harmful additives that you or your pet may have allergic reactions from. Just rub it all over your hands and you are all good to pet your dog or cat.


Although GoSan is not the alternative to soap and water, it is definitely the best hand sanitizing option outdoors. Using GoSan sanitizers as and when required saves water. Until your hands are visibly dirty or exposed to chemicals, you can use this sanitizer as often as needed to keep your hands clean and germ-free.

GoSan Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer pouch is highly affordable and now widely available in stores and online. 100% Recyclable Packaging. GOSAN aims to defend you against germs but at the same time befriend the earth. In order to keep you safe, GOSAN realized the harm it was doing to earth. So in order to prevent this from happening, we launched a packaging that is 100% recyclable in collaboration with Constantia Packaging.