Some Amazing Facts about Hand Sanitizer


Good hand hygiene is the key to safety in a time of pandemic, and the secret of good health in normal times. In that, hand sanitizers play a huge role. Hand sanitizers are the waterless way to keep hands clean and germ-free when on the go. A complete routine of hand hygiene comprises both washing of hands from time to time and use of hand sanitizer whenever required. Together, they can fight the risk of infections and keep people safe and healthy.

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There is a Correct Way and an Incorrect Way of Using Hand Sanitizers

Most people didn’t know this until tutorials of hand sanitization started to surface on the Internet. You probably know this by now, but here is a little rehash. Just mildly rubbing sanitizer on your hands won’t do the job. You have to be thorough so that every inch of your hands are dabbed in it. The best way to ensure that is to take hand sanitizer about the size of a quarter on your palm start running it on your hands. Make sure to cover the wrists, fingertips and under the nails. Keep applying it until your hands feel dry for maximum disinfection.

Essential Precautions When Using Hand Sanitizers

There are some precautions one must take when using hand sanitizers. The first is to use it as directed in the bottle or sachet. Do not swallow hand sanitizers as those containing alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning and those without can give you a bad stomach. Hand sanitizers are not for internal use. So on no account should you try to gurgle with it or use it internally. Keep it out of reach of children to prevent accidental swallowing.

The Advised Frequency of Using Hand Sanitizers

This is something that users still need some clarity on. While washing hands is the best way to disinfect them, it’s not always possible. So, hand sanitization is the alternative. Good news is, there is no limit to the number of times you can use a hand sanitizer. It could be as often as necessary when doing outdoor activities.

You should use a hand sanitizer prior to cooking, after using the bathrooms, when using public transport and in public places after touching any surface. However, if your hands are visibly dirty and you suspect that it may have some harmful chemicals on it, always wash your hands clean with soap and water.

Alcohol Based Sanitizers and Viruses

Most people know that sanitizers with high levels of alcohol are great for germs and bacteria. But what of viruses? Some sanitizers are pretty effective in fighting viruses too but not in the way you would expect. Hand sanitizers do not stop diseases, but prevent the transmission of the same. So, any disease causing viruses can be effectively fought off with good Alcohol Based hand sanitizers.