Sober Living Home for Young Men in Southern California

Choosing a sober living home in Southern California will help you to relax and recharge as you recover from addiction and build a firm foundation for sobriety. I am searching for either a 30 day, short term, or longer term Sober Living environment to place myself no later than the begining of October. I have my mobile home in the South-West where I will eventually return to of course, however, after having many years of sobriety… Another important factor to consider when choosing a sober living community is your location. You’ll want to make sure you choose a community that is located in an area that is convenient for you.

sober living homes southern california

It also provides structure, support, counseling, and supervision for persons dealing with a drug or substance addiction. It also provides a safe environment for its residents to address their addiction problems, overcome trauma, and rebuild their lives. It is important to note that sober living facilities are far less restrictive than inpatient residential care settings. However, there are still rules residents of the sober living community are expected to follow during their stay.

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The occupants use the knowledge and skills learned during treatment to support each other to maintain sobriety. Residents in a California sober living home may still be attending an outpatient program or a 12-step meeting. Persons living in a halfway house cannot be involved in an external treatment or recovery programs outside the house’s recommendations. Our modern sober living homes provide our clients with accountability in early recovery all while living in a luxury setting.

  • Residents are often encouraged to carry on with their daily lives during a sober living arrangement.
  • So those in a sober living home are expected to be responsible for themselves.
  • We offer continued outpatient treatment in order to provide our clients with the best opportunity at achieving long-term, sustainable recovery.

We offer a supportive community and comprehensive care to help you break free from addiction. As one of the highest-ranking treatment centers in San Diego, we have connections to some of the best sober living homes in Southern California. Liberate yourself and start living your best, healthiest life by contacting us today.