Hand Sanitizer is a Waterless Alternative to Fight against Coronavirus

Fight Against Coronavirus

Hand sanitizers are a Godsend in the Covid year. Formulated with alcohol and skin-protecting ingredients, they are the most effective options next to soap and water for effective removal of germs. The best hand sanitizers in the market are proven to reduce microbial population on hands. Especially in situations where you are outside and do not have soap and water at hand, it’s these products that keep you safe and protected from catching a variety of infections. Sanitizers work on most kinds of germs if not all, and therefore offer a broad-spectrum protection.

What Makes Hand Sanitizers an Effective Choice?

Not all hand sanitizers are made equal. They have variable amounts of alcohol and that’s the key to understanding the affectivity of hand sanitizers. The ones that work best are those that have at least 60% alcohol or over. Studies conducted in the past and more recently show that hand sanitizers with alcohol concentration between 60% and 95% are the most effective where elimination of germs are concerned. Those with lower alcohol content or those without alcohol are far less effective. The greater the alcohol content, the greater number of germs it will fight. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the most dependable as they not only reduce the germ buildup on hands, but effectively kill the germs that are present.

So, when selecting hand sanitizers, Ayurvedic or chemical, make sure to pick something with the acceptable concentration of alcohol.

How to Use Hand Sanitizers for Maximum Safety?

Usage is pretty simple, squeeze out a pea size hand sanitizer gel portion on the palm of your hand and rub it all over your hands. Make sure to be thorough in covering all surfaces of both your hands. Go between the fingers, up to the wrists and under the nails when applying it. Wait for your hands to be completely dry before touching anything. Some sanitizers dry off quickly while others take a little while. For those of the latter kind, shake your hands lightly to air dry them. Keep all wounds in your hands and other exposed parts covered at all times.

Important Side Note

Please be advised that hand sanitizers are not the most effective option when hands are visibly dirty. They are great alternatives when you are in a bind and do not have water and soap available at hand. Centers of communicable disease around the world recommend washing hands with water and soap as often as possible as that kills germs and cleans grease most effectively. So, wash your hands whenever possible and when outside, use hand sanitizers after touching high-contact surfaces to stay safe from Coronavirus.

Also be sure to wash your hands well with soap and water before eating. Some sanitizers contain chemicals that are unfriendly to the guts. Consuming them might lead to stomach problems in the long run. So, it’s safe to use the Ayurvedic products or those that are free of toxic chemicals.