Hand Sanitizer: A Good Hygiene Practice keeps you Clean and Safe

Good Hand Sanitizer

If you have been in a children’s park, you’d have noticed this. As the play comes to an end and it’s time for them to head back home, the adults would reach into their bags and grab a small bottle of hand sanitizer. That is the product experts all over the world are swearing by for the past few years. Hand sanitizers are sanitizing products that make it possible for people to maintain good hand hygiene outdoors. Whether you are commuting to work or are at a party with friends, a bottle of hand sanitizer is always handy to have.

Use of hand sanitizers when outside is a great way to make sure that your hands are clean and germ-free at all times. Below are how a hand sanitizer contributes to better health and hygiene among its users.

Prevents Risks of Certain Potent Infections

A lot of infections that we don’t know about spreads through hands. Two of the most common ones are gastrointestinal infections and respiratory infections. These bacteria spread through hands. Putting dirty hands to the mouth or nose can lead to catching of infections like bad stomach, cold, flu and many such infections. Maintaining good hand hygiene when outside is the only way to potentially block these microbes from entering our systems and making us sick. Sanitizers that kill a wide spectrum of germs, bacteria and other pathogens prevent such diseases from spreading from one person to another.

Cleans Hands without Drying Skin

One of the common complaints you will hear among people who are habitually clean is dryness of skin. Soaps and cleansers can strip the skin off its moisture and that can effectively lead to unnatural drying of skin, but not anymore. The hand sanitizers available in the market these days mostly address the problem of dry skin. Formulated with moisturizers and essential oils, these products sanitize the hands while moisturizing the skin leaving it soft and supple. With the new products you can say goodbye to dry, brittle skin.

Easy to Carry Everywhere

Perhaps one of the main reasons behind the soaring popularity of hand sanitizing products is packaging. These products come in a variety of packages. Some come in small, handy, travel-size flip-top bottles that fit into the tiniest pockets of bags easily. Others come in hand sanitizer sachets that are even easier to carry. Both men and women can carry them in their wallets and pant pockets conveniently. One-time use, these sanitizer pouches reduce the risks of cross-contamination.

Reduces Absenteeism among School Going Kids

Hand sanitizers are great products to give to your kids in school. Studies have shown that kids who maintain good hand hygiene either by washing their hands regularly or through the use of hand sanitizers round the clock have better class attendance in school than those who don’t. The latter group of kids is more prone to illnesses round the year that keep them from coming to school regularly. Thus, hand sanitizers are a great way to ensure kids’ health and safety.

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