GoSan Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer Brand in India

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Ayurvedic hand sanitizers are not available in equal numbers as their chemical alternatives in India, and even fewer are those that offer broad-spectrum protection for long hours. But the market right now is swearing by one brand that is equally recommended by loyalists of both types. It’s GoSan Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer brand in India.

An Indian-made product, this sanitizer is making big leaps towards shielding the masses against germs and bacteria in COVID-19 pandemic times. Very well-received, it is one of those products in the current market that has five star ratings from a majority of its users.

A Complete Product

GoSan Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer is a standoff because it’s a complete product. Unlike other products that achieve either protection or preserve the skin, this one does both. That’s where the Ayurvedic tag comes to fore. The product is anti-bacterial and offers protection against 99.9% of the germs, that’s the highest affectivity a sanitizer can offer. What makes GoSan hand sanitizer so widely used a product is its long-lasting protection. One Hand Sanitizer Sachet can give you protection of up to 3 hours if you keep from touching high-contact surfaces.

Ayurvedic by Design

GoSan Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer is a completely Ayurvedic product. Yes, it contains alcohol in its formula but that’s the ingredient that works best against bacteria, fungi, germs and such microorganisms. But aside from that, it does not contain paraben, harmful additives and synthetic fragrances. The sanitizers are very safe to use. The fragrance of GoSan Ayurvedic hand sanitize is also very mild and refreshing, and does not pass on to food while eating or everything else you touch.

Easy to Use

If It has a non-sticky formula which makes it easy to use anywhere. Just tear up a sachet and squeeze out the content in the palm of your hand. Dispose the sachet and rub the sanitizer all over your hands and between the fingers, and you are good to go. The product dries off in less than 20 seconds.


The best thing about GoSan hand sanitizer is that it gets rid of germs, but not at the cost of your skin. The sanitizer is formulated with natural oils and moisturizers that keep the skin soft and supple, after each use. No matter how many times a day you use this product, your skin will remain baby-soft. Lot of moisturizer in the sanitizers make it suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Being formulated to nourish skin, it is even safe to use for children.

There are a ton of hand sanitizer brands in India right now. Especially with the outbreak at large, new companies are coming up every week to keep the demand and supply situation contained. But if you want to go for a hand sanitizer that is both affordable and trusted, it has to be GoSan. Within a very short time, this brand has earned a dependable reputation among its users. So give GoSan a try and stay safe and protected through this pandemic and after.