Does Hand Sanitizer really work?

Many of us have this question regarding Hand Sanitizer, does it really work? Yes! it does.

You must have used a hand sanitizer and you must have experienced your hands getting clean and it feels fresh, just like the way you feel after you wash your hands with soap and water.

The way you feel, is the way it works.

So the next thing you may want to know is how does it actually work?

Well hand sanitizer kills germs and takes off all the dirt from your hand.

What kills the germs is alcohol, but there are few brands that have come up with alcohol free hand sanitizers.

The substitute for alcohol in their product is a moisturizer which isn’t equally as affective as alcohol, as alcohol is the main ingredient that kills more germs than a moisturizer.

If you compare hand sanitizers with hand wash, there are differences. Both kills germs and helps in keeping your hands clean. But hand sanitizer are developed for those who don’t have regular supply of soap and water.

Washing your hands all the time with a hand wash regularly can leave your hands dry, which will actually carry more germs. So it’s better to carry an hand sanitizer, which is easily available and easy to fit it anywhere in your bag or even in your pocket.

Hand sanitizers doesn’t cause any skin problems, but you should be careful about the hand sanitizer brand you pick. It is important to carry a hand sanitizer where ever you go, as your hands gets in contact with millions of germs that are very harmful.