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Make sure to include any specific requirements or guidelines as well as examples. Even if these repetitive errors are unintentional, it will still negatively affect your relationship with your clients. If your invoices are not sent to the correct recipient, chances are that it may be in your lost pile of invoices that will never be paid. Invoice management deals with handling of financial and delivery transactions between your organization and your suppliers or vendors. It can be really tricky especially if you have different locations with various vendors.

If you’re trying to collect money from your customers, you’ll use an invoice. Meanwhile, if you’re trying to pay your suppliers, you’ll most likely use a bill. Both documents convey the same information about how much money you owe for the sale of goods or services. Take the first step by meeting with one of our medical billing and revenue cycle management experts for a no-obligation free consultation. In addition, some medical revenue cycle management providers have a high incentive to succeed. Outsourcing gives practices access to top-tier talent and may only pay for the work once reimbursement is complete.

Five Reasons Your Company Should Outsource Invoicing.

This is why instead of getting it done in your company, outsourcing a third party for the same operation is a much better option. Today, healthcare practices of all sizes choose to outsource their medical billing services versus employing in-house billing experts. Outsourced medical billing reduces time-consuming administrative tasks and improves the revenue cycle management process. Sending out invoices to clients is an important part of any business – it’s where your cash flow comes from! But whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, an SME or a large size company, managing your invoices can be a daunting task. Besides, it takes up time and resources you could spend on other tasks to keep your business running if you could outsource invoicing.

outsource invoicing

Process payments to pay your bills and employees with our quick, accurate, and customized payroll processing services. Outsource Accelerator is the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) marketplace globally. We are the trusted, independent resource for businesses of all sizes to explore, initiate, and embed outsourcing into their operations. Working with outsourced invoicing experts, it’s important to maintain the quality as if the work is still done in-house. It’s even better when the output surpasses the standards that the client has set. There’s no doubt that outsourcing, even outside the invoicing and billing department, introduces flexibility to the in-house team in lieu of a lighter workload.


Likewise, larger companies gain the advantage of a BPO’s agility and flexibility. Combined with the technologies used by BPOs for billing and collections, these outsourced specialists can often collect bills more efficiently than in-house employees. BPOs often employ staff with years of experience in the services they provide. For instance, a BPO firm specializing in billing and collections will have seasoned collection specialists. When companies partner with these BPO firms, they gain access to the leading-edge software solutions BPOs use to serve their clients.

  • Process payments to pay your bills and employees with our quick, accurate, and customized payroll processing services.
  • The procure-to-pay (or purchase-to-pay) function is a critical component for the success of any business.
  • As soon as a client misses a payment deadline, you should immediately send them an invoice for the amount that is past due.
  • Are you having a hard time clearing out all your pile of invoice processing backlogs?
  • Once you outsource invoicing services, all incoming and outgoing paperwork and files will follow a standard template.

Outsourcing invoicing does not mean that you lose control or visibility over your financial transactions. You still need to verify and approve the invoices that the outsourcing provider generates and sends to your clients or vendors. You can implement a verification and approval system that involves checking the accuracy, completeness, and validity of the invoices, as well as confirming the receipt and payment of the invoices. You can use software or applications that automate or facilitate the verification and approval process, such as invoice scanning, electronic signatures, or online portals.

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Invoice processing is often a time-consuming and laborious activity, especially for accounting departments handling a significant amount of paper invoices. Processing errors, delays and duplication issues often have a negative knock-on effect on the entire P2P cycle. Almost all businesses that perform in-house invoice processing have dealt with human error in data entry and processing, one way or another.

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An excellent illustration of this is when companies use upon receipt, in contrast to explicitly stating the exact due date. If you want to get paid timely, you must include all essential how to sign up for quickbooks online accountant information in your accounts. This will have a positive impact on your cash flow while also increasing your liquidity and preventing debts from accruing at the same time.

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If you are dealing with a large customer base, you know the difficulty in getting invoicing out every month then outsourcing your invoicing makes sense. In the digital age, there is no reason to fear invoicing services, in fact, larger companies should be embracing them. Are you having a hard time clearing out all your pile of invoice processing backlogs? If your business has been committing the same mistakes as we have discussed above, then it is possibly the perfect time to outsource your invoicing. Recurring invoice mistakes have great impacts on your customer base as it often leads to mistrust. Reprocessing incorrect invoices will take up more time for both your staff and clients.

  • Remember that if you want to get paid on time, you have to include accurate information on your invoices.
  • You can also rest assured knowing that employees being out on vacation or sick won’t slow down invoicing.
  • Even outsourcing your smallest processes could save you and your team loads of time, effort, and to an extent, overhead costs — an example is to outsource invoicing services.

As mentioned above, it is important for your business to have good invoice processing or accounts receivable management. Many businesses take advantage of outsourcing for invoicing and other accounts payable duties, in addition to data entry, customer service, marketing, administrative, and other services. Before you start working with the outsourcing provider, you need to clearly define the scope and expectations of the invoicing project. You should also agree on the roles and responsibilities of each party, the communication channels and frequency, and the performance indicators and quality standards.

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Data security is highly important and all our services are carried out with the utmost confidentiality. Of course, in invoicing errors and mistakes are kept to a minimum as even the smallest typographical error can lead to a huge dispute. Invoicing may take a lot of effort, especially if the receiver takes some time to reflect back on the posted payment.

One of the benefits of outsourcing invoicing is that you can leverage the expertise and experience of the outsourcing provider. However, you should also provide feedback and support to the outsourcing provider to help them improve their performance and quality. You can use the performance indicators and quality standards that you agreed on to measure and evaluate their work, and share your observations and suggestions for improvement.