7 Best Test Reporting Automation Tools for Software 2023 Updated

Every year before moving to the next class we used to get report card which helped us to understand the performance status of the work that we have done for that particular year. The framework reports tests in a table format, which makes it transparent and accessible to all stakeholders. Certain tools also offer recommendations based on current software status. Extent Reports, created by Anshoo Arora, is a configurable HTML report that can be integrated into Selenium WebDriver utilizing the JUnit and TestNG frameworks.

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For those QA teams working under budget constraints, open-source test reporting tools, say ReportPortal, can be a great choice to start with. However, in the long run, teams will need more features and professional support from vendors. Moreover, its test orchestration capability enables smart and effective test planning, prioritizing important tests so that teams can achieve improved quality and test management. With all the rich features it has to offer, Katalon TestOps promises to help teams better their QA process and optimize results.

Check to see if the tool you are considering supports manual test case management. Tesults provides Runs to run a manual test run and assign test cases to team members. Having one place for software engineers and QA testers to review test output may be useful when testing for a release requires examining both automated and manual test output. The fundamental purpose of test reporting is to keep all project stakeholders informed and aligned.

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Using Extent Reports would be a great way of showing evidence along with the status of the test cases to the developers, managers, and other major stakeholders. Another fabulous feature of this tool is that it is open-source and easy to integrate with some widely used testing frameworks. HeadSpin offers a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution that covers https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ no-code and low-code automation, setting new standards in continuous testing. Continuous testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and reliability of software products. Test reporting, an essential aspect of the continuous testing process, provides valuable insights into the test execution and helps stakeholders make informed decisions.

The built-in analytic features also contribute to the improvements in speed and quality of test analysis and reporting. Allure report provides more detailed information about the execution status. It is also a popular reporting tool used in test automation framework and can be customized as per the requirements. Similarly, when we are working on any testing project, especially in test automation, the report plays a very crucial role. Generally, test automation execution is done in night batch/headless mode. To understand the application stability automation developer checks the execution status report.

test reporting tools

This article will walk you through the benefits of test reporting and the top 7 test reporting tools that are currently available on the market. Maintain uptime and monitor critical production services effectively by enabling notifications and alerts. Avoid notification fatigue by linking appropriate teams to failures for specific tests. The first two methods are used to set certain pre-and post-conditions to the test cases.

Ease of integration and support for languages and test frameworks

It provides advanced filters and screenshots of all the tests and displays them for each step. By using extent reports with Selenium you can show evidence along with the status of test cases so that stakeholders can make informed decisions. It has many other features where you can manage multiple projects, have team collaboration and customize your reports. Take a look at how a tool supports consolidation of results reporting from all of your test jobs and check that adding a new test job at a later time is easy to do.

With Extent Framework, you can create beautiful, interactive, and detailed reports for your tests. Add events, screenshots, tags, devices, authors or any other relevant information you decide is important to create an informative and stunning report. Calliope.pro is a DevOps tool that generates comprehensive test results. This is also a paid tool and its web dashboard allows your team to visualize and analyze the test results. We will start with a handful of essential tools that you can introduce to your Selenium testing framework.

Choosing one tool or a combination of them would depend on what you seek to gather from your test results. Since all of them are open-source tools, you may want to try them out to see which one best suits your needs. This tool is excellent if you are working on a TestNG framework in Java. If you are working with the TestNG framework, you could do a great deal with just that. With the TestNG library, you could create a simple report or a customized one.

SpiraTest offers everything for QA, test, and requirements management. Its reporting capabilities track project requirements, test cases, bugs, and issues. It comes with plugins for widely-used automation platforms like UFT, TestComplete, Ranorex, and Selenium.

  • Receive product updates and relevant QA-focused articles and reviews.
  • If you’re a release manager reviewing results from several test jobs you probably want a high-level overview first to see which test job is highlighting failures and needs attention.
  • Beyond scale and data processing, read on to understand what other benefits good test automation reporting tools provide and what to look for when considering a tool.
  • If you prefer to have your own template to generate reports from, you can use the TemplateReportCreator.
  • Store test results and related data including logs, screenshots and files.

In general, companies use MS Excel as a tool for reporting and data representation. Customized Excel report provides a better interface for reporting which can be easily integrated with Selenium. For Jenkins users, this plugin helps generate XML test reports as well as graphic visualizations of historical test results.

Functionize is an intelligent testing platform that helps testers build AI-powered tests that self-heal and scale in the cloud. Its combination of several ML models and Word-to-Vec NLP makes it very user-friendly. Release with assurance and save time with automated regression analysis.

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While Selecting the right testing tool can improve your testing process immensely, it is equally important to choose the right test reporting tool. Each of the reporting tools mentioned above has its own unique benefits, and the right tool for your application should be the one that suits the business needs. No matter, which reporting tool you choose, it is very important to test the application on real devices and browsers for more accurate results. Calliope.pro accepts the JSON/XML reports generated from an existing testing framework which then generates a dashboard that can be analyzed in detail. It can be used with multiple frameworks such as Cucumber, JUnit, RestAssured, etc. Calliope.pro can be used by any tester, developer, or product owner to get critical information at a glance.

All this information is contained in test reports, to be generated by one or more specific tools in your SDLC toolset, i.e., test reporting tools. They play an essential role in completing your developmental pipeline, as they provide the transparency of data engineers need to course correct and neutralize bugs before product release. Qameta Software focuses on developing amazing tools that help software testers. Learn more about Allure Framework, a lightweight automation reporting tool, and Allure TestOps, the all-in-one DevOps-ready testing platform. This end-to-end testing platform leverages AI to accelerate the automation of functional tests.

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Some teams will want to have an on-premise, self-hosted solution in which case an alternative to Tesults is required. If you’ve got enough resources you could consider maintaining a custom internal solution but for most teams and businesses this is unlikely to be cost effective. Take a look at how easy it is to share a test report with team members and stakeholders when comparing reporting tools. Ideally it is simple to add a team member to the reporting software and share links.