GO SAN™ Handsanitizer

For better health and hygiene

Benefits of Waterless Hand Sanitizer

Waterless hand sanitizer provides several advantages over hand washing with soap and water.

– kills 99.9 percent germs
– require less time than hand washing
– act quickly to kill microorganisms on hands
– are more accessible than sinks
– reduce bacterial counts on hands
– do not promote antimicrobial resistance
– are less irritating to skin than soap and water

Go San Hand Sanitizer is our very first product, designed to help you stay away from germs and live a healthy Life.

Hands are the most exposed part of the body to germs. Touching the eyes, mouth, nose or food transfers the germs into the body and Go San is a perfect waterless Hand Sanitizer that will help you keep your hands clean at all times.

Customized Sachets for your Brand

GO SAN can even customize and manufactures hand gel sanitizer sachets for global distribution. We can incorporate the hand gel sanitizer into branded sachets, supply hand gel sanitizer sachets that are branded with your name and logo.

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Industries where our product can be used

Hotels & Restaurants

Schools & Education Centers

Spa & Salons